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We are your Destination for Legally Licensed Group Entertainment and Interactive Activities for Senior Living Communities. Enjoy a variety of live-streamed events, from gardening and exercise classes to story time and game night! Enhance your activity schedule and engage residents with our unique, senior-focused content, all legally cleared for group enjoyment. Start transforming your community's daily routine with enriching, hassle-free entertainment and activities today!

"Live Interactive Entertainment, Elevating Your Experience"

Coming July 15, 2024!

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group viewing interaction!

Breaking Ground in Senior Engagement, with Cutting-Edge Interactive Content!

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Discover EliteStage.Live:

Step into a world where senior entertainment is taken to new heights. EliteStage.Live is your all-access pass to live productions, interactive experiences, and a treasure trove of collections exclusively designed for the senior community. Say goodbye to mundane entertainment options and hello to a vibrant, interactive landscape that captivates and engages. Our platform is your all-access pass to a wide array of interactive experiences and live productions, ranging from music and theater to arts & crafts, fitness, and so much more. In this 10-minute video overview, get a comprehensive tour of our game-changing platform that covers an expansive range of topics and events, tailored to meet the diverse interests of the senior community. Plus, gain an intimate understanding of the passionate family team behind EliteStage.Live, and discover why we're committed to revolutionizing the way seniors engage with entertainment. Don't miss our limited-time pre-launch pricing. Be a part of this exciting evolution.

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"Revolutionizing Your Community with Life-Enriching Entertainment"

Immerse your community in a world of vibrant culture, music, and interactive entertainment with Elite Stage Live! We bring the magic of live performances and engaging crafts & arts sessions right to your screen, transforming your digital space into a dynamic stage. Witness the joy and engagement that our diverse, interactive performances bring, sparking delightful memories and creating shared experiences. Our platform offers curated content specifically designed for various communities, making us a favored choice for activity directors, coordinators, and organizers nationwide. Uncover a treasure trove of entertainment at your fingertips. Discover the difference with Elite Stage Live - because everyone deserves a front-row seat to cultural enrichment and lively interaction.

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